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The 3 Secrets to Your 1st CE Event

It is Easier Than You Think

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Lisa Mustard

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May 11th
2:00 pm EDT

So many of us who work as mental health clinicians are eager to find new ways to scale our income and impact.

As mental health clinicians, we're often on the lookout for innovative approaches to expand our income and influence. Our motivations may vary - sometimes, we seek new creative avenues; other times, we aim to prevent burnout by supplementing our income and lightening our client load. Or perhaps, we believe we have valuable knowledge to share with a broader audience that we can't reach through traditional practice alone.

If you have wondering about any of these things, then we hope you will join us for this live webinar (replay available after) where we will unpack some of the the secret shortcuts for therapists to generate additional income while amplifying their clinical impact: organizing and leading your own continuing education (CE) events.

Regardless of whether they're conducted in-person or online, CE events are an essential part of the annual routine for most licensed therapists. And the good news is, you don't need to be a professor or a published author to provide valuable and effective trainings to your fellow clinicians.

Please join Lisa Mustard from The Therapy Show Podcast as she talks with Dr. David Hall of PsychMaven, and hear them unpack what they have learned through their years of providing paid continuing education trainings to therapists, both in person and online.

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In This Webinar, You Will Get To Hear:

Hear about the journey of getting into the CE business

Join Lisa and David as they talk about the journey of starting a continuing education business for therapists. David started at age 30 (and you will hear why he wishes he had started sooner).

3 Secrets to quick-start your own CE event

Learn the 3 secrets to the ways that getting started in doing your own CE training can startup fast, regardless of your career point

False beliefs that keep people from offering CE trainings

Many therapists have assumptions as to why they "cannot" or "should not" be doing their own continuing education offerings, and our hosts will counter some of these core false beliefs

Live Q&A along with limited bonuses and discounts

For those who go through the full webinar, we have for you some exclusive bonuses including our tip-sheet to profitable CE planning, a copy of the webinar slides, and access to a time-limited discount. Along with a time for Q&A


About David Hall

Dr. Stephen "David" Hall is the founder and creative lead of PsychMaven, as group that provides psychotherapy continuing education and career-building resources for behavioral health professionals.

David started his first continuing education business in 2011, and since then he has taught and organized independent seminars and workshops throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom, and has hosted and presented multiple online CE courses. And most of all, David has a passion to help other clinicians learn how to lead their own CE trainings.

Beyond his teaching and consulting work, David is licensed in marriage & family therapy and in mental health counseling and serves as a supervisor for post-graduate therapists. He is the co-owner and clinic director of Haven Counseling Center in Knoxville, TN where he and his wife/business partner, Brandy, lead a lively team of therapists. You can find more at


About Lisa Mustard

Lisa Mustard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in South Carolina. In addition to her professional role, she is a wife to Billy, mother to two daughters, a puppy wrangler, and a passionate enthusiast of health, wellness, fitness, and personal development.

Lisa's works as a Podcaster and Coach. Her podcast, The Therapy Show with Lisa Mustard, aims to help talk therapists learn clinical information and skills, introduces them to trailblazers in the field, and teaches professional development, among other topics. Lisa started the podcast out of dissatisfaction with traditional continuing education and professional development methods. She longed for a convenient, engaging, inspiring, and helpful educational platform that could be accessed anytime, anywhere. Unable to find such a resource, she decided to create it herself and offers her pod-courses with NBCC approval. You can find more at

May 11th
2:00 pm EDT